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  • About MaeRahKee

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    MaeRahKee Custom Beaded Jewelry and More originated as waist beads and grew to be so much more. The name came from the term, "Meraki" which means to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself in your work, and that is exactly what we do when creating your beads.


    To differentiate ourselves, MaeRahKee was created. Mae is in dedication to the creators grandmother who recently transitioned and who she loved dearly. Rah is light and Kee is truth. We are still able to hold true the original definition, while also adding light and truth to our creations.


    MaeRahKee uses numerology, color meanings, and affirmations so that you draw positivity energy unto you which exudes to others.


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    Everything has meaning!

    Be Intentional

    Everything has a meaning...even colors. Be intentional about not only what you do and say, but about what you exude. Check out our color meanings before selecting your bead colors.

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  • FAQ

    Q: What is the purpose and history of waist beads?


    A: Historians believe that waist beads originated among the Yoruba tribes, now mainly in Nigeria. The beads signify wealth, aristocracy, and femininity.


    Q: Do different colors have different meanings?


    A: Yes, see color meaning tab.


    Q: Do waist beads help with weight loss?


    A: Waist beads help to monitor weight loss. As your waist beads move from your waist to your hips, that is an indication that you are losing weight. If you notice that your waist beads are rising or pop, that is an indication that you are gaining weight.


    Q: Can I return any MaeRahKee products?


    A: We do not accept any returns or exchanges. If items arrive damaged or if the wrong item is shipped, we will happily exchange it. Please email info@maerahkee.com for any questions or concerns.

    Q: How long is processing and shipping time?


    A: All of MaeRahKee Custom Beaded Jewelry and More are custom made for you and they will be shipped 5-10 days after order is placed. Shipping is via USPS and for USA, it can take 1-3 business days, Canada 7-21 business days, and International 7-21 business days.


    Q: How do I measure for my waist beads?


    A: Use a measuring tape to measure your waist, exactly where you want them to rest between your waist and your hips. Waist beads are measured in inches.


    Q: Can babies, toddlers, and young girls wear waist beads?


    A: Yes.


    Q: What if my product is not delivered?


    A: Once product is shipped and tracking number is provided, we are no longer responsible for the product and its delivery. A claim can be filed with the Unites States Postal Service. If product is returned due to incomplete or incorrect address, there will be a re-shipping fee to ship again.

    Q: Can I bathe in waist beads?


    A: Yes, you can bathe in waist beads. Please see care instructions.


    Q: Are they adjustable?


    A: No, they are not adjustable, as they are custom made for you.


    Q: Can I take my waist beads off?


    A: MaeRahKee waist beads are made with a clasp that allows them to be removable. Magnet clasp are available upon request.


    Q: How long do waist beads last?


    A: They will last based on how you care for them and the size that you order them. You do not want to order them too tight, that when you bend they will pop. You also want to follow care instructions to help them last longer.


    Q: How can MaeRahKee be reached?


    A: MaeRahKee can be reached at info@maerahkee.com. Response will be generated within 24-48 hours.


    Q. What if I want a custom beaded jewelry item that I do not see on your site?


    A: Please contact us at info@maerahkee.com with your request and we will advise if it is something we can do.

  • Care Instructions

    Handle with Care:

    • Be mindful to remove waist beads before bathing
    • Barrel Clasp are semi-permanent and you want to make sure that if you wear your waist beads for days at a time, you check the clasp to make sure that it is tight and has not opened
    • Store in MaeRahKee pouch, cotton cloth, or tissue wrap
    • Over time, gold beads or any metal components may fade or become less shiny. Use clear nail polish, clear acrylic spray paint, or a sealant like Mod Podge 
    • Be mindful not to yank your waist beads when pulling your pants down
    • Do not handle with soiled hands 
  • Questions? Want something custom that is not on our site?

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